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Hottest Canadian Football League cheerleaders in 2014 (16 Photos)

Are you starved for NFL football in the summer of 2014? Training camps open soon, but NFL football does not really begin for another month or two. To try and hold you over for the NFL season, I've created a slideshow of photos of the hottest Canadian League Football cheerleaders in 2014.

Hottest Canadian Football League cheerleaders in 2014
Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images
Hottest Canadian Football League cheerleaders in 2014 (Photos)
Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images

The Canadian Football League, also known as the CFL, is in full swing with their 2014 season. The CFL always starts their season much earlier than the NFL because the weather in Canada gets pretty bad in most places by December in any given year.

So the CFL started playing its 20 week schedule in late June. The regular season ends on November 7th, followed by two weeks of playoffs, and then the final two teams standing will square off in the 102nd Grey Cup at BC Place stadium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Grey Cup is the Super Bowl of the Canadian Football League. It is annually one of the most viewed TV events of the year in Canada. No doubt some CFL fans don't mind seeing the CFL cheerleaders at the Grey Cup.

Hottest Canadian Football League cheerleaders in 2014 (Photos)

The Canadian Football League is in its 57th year in 2014. The 2014 Grey Cup is the 102nd edition because the Grey Cup was awarded to various football teams and clubs long before their was an official Canadian Football League.

NFL football fans who are starved for football can watch many Canadian Football League games on NBC Sports cable channel, as well as on ESPN2 and ESPN3. I've already watched a couple of CFL games so far this season.

The rules are definitely different than NFL rules. It's weird seeing multiple offensive players streaking up to the line of scrimmage just before the ball is snapped. It's also odd seeing teams get points for punts and other stuff. Also, teams only get three downs in the CFL, so teams often punt on third down.

The fields are also bigger in the Canadian Football League. Each field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide, and each end zone is another 10 yards deeper than in the NFL. The bigger field is compensated for by each CFL team having 12 players on the field.

One of the biggest similarities between the NFL and the CFL, though, is the cheerleaders. The NFL has some really hot cheerleaders to entertain fans at games, and so do many of the Canadian Football League teams (see photos).

Hope you enjoy the photos of the hottest CFL cheerleaders in 2014. Watch for the cheerleaders from the photos at CFL games in 2014.

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