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Hottest 7 wedding trends of 2014

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Although the year is far from over, many 2014 weddings have already come and gone. With them, we saw a rise of several new trends, some resurgence of traditional trends, and some favorites that carried over from the last year or so. Here are some of the most popular wedding trends apparent this year.

Hashtag weddings

If you haven’t seen this uber-modern trend in action at a wedding yet, chances are you will soon. Couples are attempting to preserve the memories of their special day with the use of social media. By establishing a hashtag and printing it in their programs to promote it, the couple can take to social media afterward to look back on the night from the perspective of every guest at the wedding.

Phone-free zone

To the contrary, some couples are attempting the opposite with phone-free weddings, in an attempt to throw a party where people are engaged in the moment and actually enjoying the company of those around them, instead of constantly looking at their phones.

Goodbye matchy matchy bridemaids

At one point in the not-so-distant-past, some brides would dictate every inch of matching appearance for their bridesmaids – from their dress to their shoes to their hair. More and more though, bridesmaids are being allowed to express their own personalities (as long as they don’t overshadow the bride of course). This trend keeps growing in popularity since it trended in 2012. Bridesmaids are now appearing in dresses of varying style in one color, or even different shades or patterns in the same family of colors.

Rose gold

Engagement rings and wedding bands are shining in more than just white gold this year. The color being seen more and more this year is rose gold. This unique metal is created with gold and copper alloys, resulting in a pinkish gold color. The tone of the pink can vary with the amount of copper.

Rustic & Vintage

The popularity of Pinterest and Etsy brought with them a surge of DIY and vintage styles that are evident in home décor, craft stores, and weddings galore. As in 2013 wedding trends, this tendency is still going strong this year with elements like barn and backyard venues and Mason jar centerpieces.

Food Trucks

Food trucks aren’t just popular for lunch during the workday. Most can be booked to cater parties, and yes, weddings. The casual, fun, party vibe of an outdoor wedding can be extended to the food with a few food trucks. They give your guests a couple options for food varieties, and some serve upscale comfort foods, which a favorite among couples.

Want a couple food truck suggestions?

Ruthie’s Rolling Café is known around Dallas for its extreme grilled cheese cuisine.

Trailercakes is another popular truck that can provide cupcakes if a traditional wedding cake isn’t your taste.


This popular vintage trend has become modern and is showing up in bridesmaid dresses, bridal gowns, veils, and even bouquets this year.

What is your favorite wedding trend of 2014? Leave a comment about it below.