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2014 Winter Olympics

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Hoth Olympics: Olympic skiers are being attacked by Imperial AT-AT Walkers?

Hoth Olympics? The Star Wars planet may be making a bid for the 2018 Winter games, though the Empire really should stop firing their laser cannons at the athletes.

The hilarious Star Wars mashup video is stealing the show, reports on Thursday. Olympic skiers “make great target practice for Imperial Walkers,” the techy site said.

Tumbles and falls at the Olympics are expected, especially among the downhill ski events, in which Olympians appear to be trying their very hardest not to die for two terrifying minutes. But as the video you just watched showed, the athletes now have to contend with an additional level of difficulty – laser attacks by AT-AT Imperial Walkers, evidently transported to Sochi directly from the frozen ice-planet of Hoth.

TV2 Denmark’s late night show Natholdet Med Anders Breinholtv posted the goofy video this week, which has gathered more views than some of the actual Olympic events.

Very cool viral vid. Enjoy and share!

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