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Hotels being testing for Smartphones to replace hotel room keys

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There's a reason why most hotels give their guests two card keys and that is because keeping tract of that little piece of plastic is sometimes a difficult thing to do. It becomes a lesson to most that before you leave your room you check for the essentials before you close that door. Otherwise you may have to make the dreaded trip to the front desk and request either a new key or to have your door opened for you. However, Smartphones are proving to be helpful for this task as well.

The Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has a hotel chain in New York that is testing out this technology to see if this would be something worth implementing around the world. The phone can be used to enter the hotel room as well as check in rather than having to approach the concierge desk. The operation on the door itself would use technology to ensure that even in a power outage a guest would still have access to their room. In addition, the guests would have opportunity to charge their phones should their device run out of power.

It makes sense when you think about it, too. Most Smartphone users will admit that they refuse to go anywhere without their device. That little gadget has their life on it and most can readily admit that they barely can tell time without it. So it would make sense that the more one can use their device the more convenient it is because they already have it on their person at all times.

Can these Smartphones get any more convenient? Of course they will!