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Hotel Nipton: an oasis in the desert

Hotel Nipton.
Hotel Nipton.
Osie Turner

About twenty miles from Primm, NV, lays the all but forgotten town known as Nipton. Originally called Nippeno, the town was built around the train depot for area ranchers to load their cattle onto freight trains. Besides a small café, the main feature of the town is the newly renovated Hotel Nipton.

Hotel Nipton has been open since 1904. With a mere four rooms, it is much smaller than its name implies. The hotel has a very comfortable and rustic lobby for guests to relax in. Clara Bow, the silent movie star, was said to have favored room #3. The front porch overlooks a small, rock-lined labyrinth of cacti and rusty antiques.

If you are looking for a unique travel experience, or just somewhere to escape the contemporariness of your daily life, then Hotel Nipton is a great choice. The open sky, starry nights, and the feeling that you have been transported into another time are some of the hotel’s best amenities.

The road from Nipton to Searchlight (the SR 164) is known as the Joshua Tree Highway, due to the picturesque landscape, and is well worth the drive for nature enthusiast.

It should be noted that the rooms do not have individual bathrooms. There is only one bathroom that all guests must share. On the plus side, the hotel is usually not booked to capacity, so you could easily be the only guest in the hotel. The hotel does, however, sport a laundry room. The hotel is a stone’s throw from the railroad tracks, and freight trains rumble through town every couple of hours. Hotel management can provide earplugs upon request if the sound keeps you up at night. A continental breakfast that is delivered to your room is also included in your stay.

For reservations (strongly recommended) call (760)856-2335 or send an email to:

The address is: 107355 Nipton Road, Nipton, CA 92364


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