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‘Hotel Hell’ returns to Fox this summer

Chef Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Ethan Miller

Hotel Hell”, the popular FOX reality series starring Chef Gordon Ramsay, returns for season two on Monday, July 21.

Stepping away from the kitchens and into the hotels for a short time, Chef Ramsay tries to save failing hotels in the second season of the series. “Hotel Hell” follows the renowned chef and expert in the hospitality industry across the country to states including Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota, California, and Vermont.

“Hotel Hell” has put Chef Ramsay in some of the most difficult lodging situations including moldy bathrooms, stained bedding, dated décor, and even the paranormal. This season promises to be no different as viewers will watch the chef endure what it takes to help turn the failing hotels into successful ones.

Best known for his irate ranting on “Hell’s Kitchen”, his expert judging on “MasterChef”, and his brutal honesty on “Kitchen Nightmares”, Chef Ramsay stays true to his standards to instruct the lodging owners on how to turn their hotels around.

Season one of “Hotel Hell” originally debuted on FOX in the summer of 2012. Lobbies, guestrooms, dining areas, kitchens, and even the staffs of those hotels visited during the first season were improved where necessary to assist the establishments in succeeding.

Season two of “Hotel Hell” will show Chef Ramsay working with an all-night party place, an owner with an addiction, and a superstar wannabe. Similar to the goals of “Kitchen Nightmares”, Chef Ramsay will struggle with accommodations as well as owners each week as he travels to a new location. But, ultimately it will be up to the hotel owners to heed the chef’s advice to stay in business.

Will Chef Ramsay be able to turn this season’s failing hotels into successful businesses? Tune into FOX Monday, July 21 at 9 p.m. EST to watch Chef Ramsay get started!

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