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‘Hotel Hell’: Gordon Ramsay gets trapped at Curtis House

Gordon Ramsay
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

He may have temporarily left the kitchen, but chef Gordon Ramsay cannot avoid fights and arguments on “Hotel Hell.” On Saturday, the official Twitter account for the Fox reality program posted a video of a hotel makeover. However, the successful changes are the result of many struggles and challenges on the show.

Ramsay is forced to interfere in a family feud to help save The Curtis House. This Connecticut inn has reached out for help, but it will not be easy for the chef to fix their problems. “Hotel Hell” introduces viewers to the brother and sister, TJ and Chris, who are trying to run the inn, but there are deep issues that must be resolved before Ramsay can do a makeover.

An exclusive video from the episode reveals that the brother and sister have serious communication problems. The sister explains her brother has stopped talking to her while he points out it has been the result of frustration. For three years they struggled on their own, but they hope Ramsay is able to save the business and their family.

Chef Ramsay may not seem to be the first choice for solving family feuds because of his own argumentative nature. However, he runs into an unusual problem at The Curtis House because he gets stuck in his hotel room. After looking at his room and seeing multiple problems, he discovers the doorknob is not working properly and cannot get out.

Ramsay calls for help while he is trapped inside a room at The Curtis House and eventually blames a ghost for his inability to leave. He shares he simply wants lunch. The Connecticut inn is allegedly haunted, so the chef has been introduced to the stories. He may wish to return to the kitchen permanently after his experiences in these hotels.

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