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HotAir is a big voice in the conservative blogsophere and has done much to advance the cause of those wishing to stop and reverse the growth of a large central government. Unfortunately Hot Air's Ed Morrissey has brashly thrown his weight behind Scott Brown in the Massachusetts special election. This is disturbing and disheartening for every tea party, small government loving soul in America. While I certainly cannot blame casual Massachusetts Republicans for getting excited over Brown's possible win over Martha Coakley, it becomes much harder to justify it in the case of Ed whose life revolves around politics and whose message is fundamentally Jeffersonian.

In a piece called Where is the national GOP in the Massachusetts special election Ed shows his frustration over the apparent lack of support for Brown, correctly pointing out that in NY-23 the GOP heavily contributed to the liberal Dede while throwing Hoffman under the bus. While Brown is obviously no Dede he is a far cry from the mantra of HotAir: small government and fiscal responsibility. Oddly and most puzzling of all, Ed writes:

Brown has a perfect platform on which to run. MassCare has become an expensive flop, and ObamaCare is worse. All Brown needs is the money and the bullhorn to say, “Let’s not make the same mistake twice,” and he could score an upset over Coakley. But the GOP needs to start taking the race seriously — and even if Brown comes up short, it would still give the GOP some momentum toward stopping ObamaCare in 2010.

This is painfully nonsensical considering Brown is as much of a part of MassCare as is Romney and Brown realizes this which is why he continues to proudly announce his support for socialized medicine. Brown supporters will invariably attempt to marginalize the failures of RomneyCare and even go far as to blame the current Democrat governor, but this is ignorant partisanship. A program fundamentally designed to provide health care at the expense of other citizens is socialization and can only result in higher costs at the expense of quality. Brown admits that costs have gotten out of control, but this either illustrates his utter incompentence of basic economics or deliberate deceit.

Of course Ed Morrissey unlike Brown supporters is under no illusion of Romney Care's fundamental flaws yet he continues to embrace Brown. Yes, it would be unreasonable to expect for Ed to swing his support to a third party candidate. But, it is perfectly reasonable to expect at least some kind of repudiation of the status quo Republicanism that has dominated American politics for centuries and is responsible for the current broken system. It is perfectly reasonable, in the face of a rising tide of GOP discontent to at least more carefully examine the candidate before blindly dishing over one's support. It is perfectly reasonable in the wake of the Tea Party beating out the GOP in a Rasmussen poll to at least MENTION the one candidate that actually represents the movement: Joe Kennedy who is also running in this race as an independent.

When RightCondition interviewed and examined Joe Kennedy's positions on various issues concerning taxation, spending, social security, wars and health care it became very obvious as to who deserves our vote. The clarity of this decision is especially magnified by the most obvious realization of who Scott Brown really represents; a man who supported and still supports RomneyCare, spoke out against ending the MA income tax and voted for real estate tax increases while presiding and voting with Mitt Romney over every gun and car fee raise in a span of several years. A credible source like HotAir's Ed M. could have discovered this information in a span of 5 minutes, this is no big secret. Supporting Scott Brown is negligent and a spit in the face of independents and Tea Party activists - ironically, a movement that Joe Kennedy is actually part of unlike the Republican Scott Brown.

Whether this is a case of innocent negligence or something bigger has yet to be determined, but the clash in action over words is as apparent as daylight. Many including myself can sympathize with supporting Brown in an effort to stifle Coakley's 60th vote for ObamaCare, but not at the expense of principles! A fragile movement born out of the rapid socialization of HopeNChange requires principles, values and honesty. How can a movement gather momentum when the very same people that claim to represent it are so quick to embrace the one thing capable of destroying it? 

For this New Years, a resolution to support candidates that truly fight and embrace the small government movement should be a resolution for everyone!


  • Jed Merrill 5 years ago

    Brown has stated that he is AGAINST nationalized health care, and will vote against it as the crucial "41st Vote."

    I support Scott Brown in his race for Senate.

    The real question you may be asking is what the Tea Party really stands for. Is it primarily a Libertarian movement? I don't think so. The Tea Party movement appeals to all freedom loving Americans, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, with the vast majority likely coming from Republican quarters.

    The Tea Party's best hope is to retake the Republican establishment, not overtake it.

    George Bush apologized recently for passing TARP. Even he recognizes that there is no place in this world for a big GOP. We have no reason to divide if we can unite.

    Ironically, we can thank Obama and his oppressive regime for reawakening in America the thirst for fundamental freedom!

  • NH 5 years ago

    If not Brown, then who?

  • George Sommers Boston PETS Birds&Fish Examiner 5 years ago

    I'm a lefty lib of the stripe that you and your fans despise, and should probably keep my mouth shut, but I can't resist.... Boy are you guys shooting yourselves in the foot!

  • RightKlik 5 years ago up the half loaf for nothing?

  • Arkady 5 years ago

    Tea Party is not libertarian, that much I am sure of - however I think they are very much fed up with Bush style republicanism. Bush apologized for TARP, that is true, except that 700 billion has been taken for us and not coming back. Bush also needs to apologize for Medicare expansion, No child Left Behind and Department of Homeland Security.

    I think Brown's record speaks for itself. Who cares what claims?

  • brock 5 years ago

    Tea Party = unelectable

  • Pete 5 years ago

    One enormous difference between this election and NY-23 is that Brown was elected in the primary. If Kennedy had wanted to run against Brown in the primary and won then you would be correct.

    In NY-23 the republican party elected Dede Suckafender who was a progressive democrat tarted up as a republican. The voter based rebelled. There was no primary.

    One of the problems in taking back the republican party is going to be running out the liberal progressives that currently are entrenched in the republican party. I went to a republican party meeting in California and after about a half an hour got up and left in disgust at the liberal drivel that was being stated as the points for the party.

    The question remains will the republican party be able to get rid of the Collins, McCain's, Snow and other rino's and uphold the principals of small government, personal liberty and a balanced budget?

  • anonymous 5 years ago

    There wasn't a real primary. Republican Jack E. Robinson ran against Brown. Brown ignored him and refused to debate until the last day before the election. There was only that one debate. Same thing would have happened to Joe Kennedy if he had ran as a Republican. Joe is the Tea Party candidate and very much in like case to Hoffman in NY23.

  • JaneR 5 years ago

    Just like Jed Merrill,
    Check out the hot centerfold on the Daily Mail, from Charleston S.C. the posts are great! More sensible people down there, than where Jed Merrill is at. Sue's post was brilliant!

    "Mitt Romney Republicans have no interest in losing their VIP membership to the exclusive Kennedy Clan Democratic Social Networking Club.
    If they lose their VIP membership with whom would Mitt Romney Republicans be able to socialize if they don’t have the correct card which gets them invited to the really swanky parties full of kwell people?
    Have pity; can you imagine being taken off P. Ditty Combs or Billy Joel’s VIP invitation list?
    Where would Mitt Romney Republicans be able to wear their fabulous diamond-beaded gowns and $4000 Manolo shoes?
    Certainly these educationally sophisticated cannot be seen on a fishing boat with THAT THING from Alaska! Meegan McCain might chip a fingernail or something"

  • JaneR 5 years ago

    "Not this old story again,” groused Eric Fehrnstrom, campaign spokesman for Brown - who just announced that he is running for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat.:

  • JaneR 5 years ago

    Jed Merrill says:
    "I support Scott Brown in his race for Senate."
    "Not this old story again,” groused Eric Fehrnstrom, campaign spokesman for Brown - who just announced that he is running for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat."
    ROTFL: LOL, What a joke! Eric Fehrstrom? Your kidding! ROTFL,
    I love S.C. more and more! They got your ticket!!!!

  • JaneR 5 years ago

    Eric Fehrnstrom (EricFehrn
    Media strategist, former communications director to Governor Mitt Romney.

  • ScottR 5 years ago

    Jane R, I think Kennedy found Romney hard to stomach. Romney was fiercely jealous of JFK Jr. Romney is in a class of his own called the “Flip Floppers Club”, they are the ones which, if they lose their VIP membership to the Flip Floppers Club, with whom would Mitt Romney Republicans be able to socialize if they don’t have the correct card which gets them invited to the really swanky parties full of kwell people?
    Where would Mitt Romney Republicans be able to wear their fabulous diamond-beaded gowns and $4000 Manolo shoes?
    Kennedy would be out on his boat sailing.

  • JaneR 5 years ago

    You're right Scott R!

  • JaneR 5 years ago

    Nice perks! Women and kids get the boot!!!

    Romney defends aide's appointment
    Fehrnstrom job draws criticism

    By Frank Phillips, Globe Staff | November 23, 2006

    Even as the move drew sharp criticism, Governor Mitt Romney yesterday stood by his appointment of his spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, to the Brookline Housing Authority.

    Romney also said that the pension gains that will result for Fehrnstrom are of no concern to him.

    "I don't disqualify someone because appointing them would mean they would get pension benefits," Romney said. "I think it would be an inappropriate way to make any appointment."

    The Boston Globe reported yesterday that Romney had appointed Fehrnstrom to a five-year term as the governor's designee on the authority.

    Although the position is part-time, the appointment will allow Fehrnstrom, who is to leave his spokesman's job on Jan. 4, to extend his years in government and obtain the 10 years of service necessary to qualify for a state pension.

  • Hope 5 years ago

    "The Tea Party's best hope is to retake the Republican establishment, not overtake it."

    Big Difference between the "Tea Party" and the "Tea Party Express", the Tea Party Express is nothing more than the Republican Party consultant company. Shame on the GOP!

  • Jazmon 5 years ago



    Media says otherwise (as they are paid to do) but Florida, 1st first time in history, official registered TEA Political Party with 2010 U.S. Senator Candidate on Nov. 2nd ballot.

    Jorge Antonio Lovenguth (George) swore on the Constitution age 17, volunteered to fly in USMC helicopter to rescue fellow marines.

    He again has volunteered, this time to help rescue Florida and America as candidate for U.S. Senate.

    Lovenguth has heart, not millions to pay media to say his name.

    With a degree in literature he will read every bill, write and vote for real People’s interests.

    Help Jorge Antonio Lovenguth (George), to kick open door Marine style for People to have a voice in D.C.

    PASS THE WORD. Talk, write, email everybody you know about this!

    REGISTER - VOTE Jorge Antonio Lovenguth (George) FL U.S. Senator - November 2, 2010




  • Timjames 5 years ago

    Please understand that we in Massachusetts are simply trying to bring balance to our state one step at at time. While Joe Kennedy's professed party may be the ideal solution, we libertarians can't afford to go with him this time. He doesn't have a fighting chance whereas Brown clearly does. To vote for him will further disillusion the conservatives of this state. I work on the Brown campaign and can't express how thrilling it is to see fiscal conservatives here finally having some hope.

    I know it's wrong to ask, but put your ideals aside for the time being. Joe Kennedy is young enough to come back, and will have a better chance once fiscal conservatives finally realized that a Republican is viable for Senator of Massachusetts. Vote Scott Brown!

  • Kyle 5 years ago

    ScottR is an Evangelical preacher from Great Britain who is jealous of Mitt Romney's wealth and influence.

    What no Palin or Huckabee endorsement ScottR?

  • Arkady 5 years ago

    Tim, if you are a libertarian and supporting Scott Brown then you are no libertarian. Considering all the charges against Brown's spending that I myself covered and the many more that are unknown - how can you give him your vote? Furthermore, why do you think a Republican is a TRANSITION to small government? How many decades do you need of proof that its not a transition? You need to more closely examine what is important to you before you endorse a big spender like Brown into office.

  • Maroussia 5 years ago

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