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Hot Yoga

Yoga- Mind & Body
Yoga- Mind & Body

Those that are new to yoga can find it a bit challenging at first. You have to twist and turn the body in a particular way that may not be the most comfortable. Many will stick with it and advance their flexibility to where the body will allow. They’ll improve or even become a pro at it and then advance. Hot yoga is that advancement for the very brave. It takes regular yoga and throws in a twist; heat. Hot yoga rooms range from anywhere between 90-100 degrees, sometimes even more.

Hot yoga will test your endurance to the max with benefits that include:

• Increased joint flexibility
• Improved breathing
• Relaxed muscles
• Elevated heart rate
• Drop in water weight
• Increased sweating (helps detoxify the body)
• Preparation for intense hot water workouts

The benefits of hot yoga are substantial but caution should always be taken when doing such extreme workouts. For example, if you have heart trouble, high or low blood pressure, or are pregnant, then hot yoga probably isn’t for you. Numerous precautions pre-workout and during your hot yoga session need to be taken into consideration. If you begin to feel nauseous or dehydrated listen to your body.

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