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Hot winter gloves


Pleather quilted gloves

Several men have inquired about my gloves that I wore with my Halloween costume (see picture at the bottom of the article).  Being creative, I simply bought cheap Halloween gloves, cut off the fingertips, and headed out the door.  While this worked for this past balmy Halloween, it won't fly as the temperatures continue to drop.  The research has been done, and the following are some of the best picks for stylish winter gloves.  These gloves were chosen based on their price, warmth, and look.

Zero skeleton gloves

Urban Outfitters has a great selection of winter gloves, but the favorite by far are the pleather quilted gloves with cut off fingers.  They're lightly lined so they're great for the moderatly cold temperatures.  Once the thermometer drops to single digits, however, you may have to put these away until early spring.  They're $24.95 at Urban Outfitters stores or online.

Gap convertible mittens

Skate Warehouse has a great pair of warm knit gloves that will inspire the kid in you.  Made by Zero, these heavy black knit gloves are made out of a cotton blend and have skeleton hands printed on the top of them.  They're easy on your wallet too; they are available for $18.99. 

Who doesn't love a convertible mitten?  It keeps your hand super warm, but you don't need to take off the entire set of gloves/mittens when you need to use your fingers.  Gap has wonderful set of wool blend convertible mittens.  They come in black or oatmeal, and have a handy brown leather patch on the palm to help you grip your shovel or briefcase.  They won't cost you an arm or a lef either at $19.50.