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Hot walk, but lots to see

Hot walk, but lots to see.
Hot walk, but lots to see.
James George

It was 86 degrees at about 2:00 p.m. today and the duration of the walk was 3.5 miles. There are lots of flowers blooming now, and I had a cup of coffee and watered them before taking off.

Ceramic bunny on Wilson Blvd.
James George

There’s a ceramic bunny on Wilson Road that is about 3 feet tall. Its green glaze is falling off, but it still has character. See the feature picture.

There are pink blossoms on something that looks like a blackberry bush.

There are assortments of various daisies in full bloom and they just look happy in the sunshine.

The bluegills still appear healthy, but if I were them, I would swim to the shade. I think people might feed them from the bridge on the W&OD Trail as they seem to be attracted to an audience.

I saw a fawn hiding in the dense foliage. I also saw a swift Baltimore Oriole feeding its young. I will paint pictures of them, because I didn’t capture photos.

If you want to know the actual site of the Carlin Spring, there is a shot in the slideshow.

I needed a cherry break. Even while I had lots of water, a little natural sugar fix hit the spot.

You have to get out there, hike it or bike it.