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Hot Tub Comedy

A thing someone in a hot tub might play with.
A thing someone in a hot tub might play with.

First things first, this is not Hot Water Music; its Hot Tub Comedy and its about to tear Gainesville a metaphorical new one. Started by a few of Gainesville's local comics in partnership with the University Stand-up Comedy Club (USUCC), Hot Tub Comedy has set out to deliver more comedy shows at local venues.

The truth is, comedy has got pull. People want to laugh, people want to drink and people want something new. Why go to the same bars and sit there as your life passes you by when you can do the same thing under the influence of fresh entertainment.

Local comics Tim Keck, Calvin Cole and Rudy Mendoza will be featuring in the groups second show, along with a few other local favorites

The action is located at Brophy's Pub starting around 10:00pm on January 18th. Its only a $4 cover and you can guarantee hours of fun. If you can't make it this week, don't fret. This will be a bi-weekly ordeal. So come out and support local comedy.

If you are interested in performing stand up comedy, this is also a good place to meet the USUCC founding members.

Hot Tub Comedy's Facebook Group

Brophy's Pub


  • CC 5 years ago

    It's actually bi-weekly. Get reporting buddy.

  • Rusty Shackleford 5 years ago

    CC? Why do those initials seem so familiar...

  • Eileen 4 years ago

    Hey, you should do a story on @serious_voiceny she's going to perform on the Barry M. SHow in Gainsville, FL on June 4th. Serious is a talented Christian rapper.

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