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Hot Trend! Pop-Top Mittens!

Juicy Couture Iconic Pop Top Mittens
Juicy Couture Iconic Pop Top Mittens

One of the hottest trends out this winter is the pop-top mittens or fingerless gloves. The greatest thing about the gloves that are debuting this season is the various materials they come in. Whether they're made of wool and acrylic blended fibers, soft knits or faux leathers, the plus is, not only do they look absolutely dashing but they fit everyone! Real leather gloves are often tight and not cut for the average plus size diva; however, pleather gloves are more pliable resulting in a nice and easy snug fit.

Fashionistas everywhere, even if you are a double-digit diva, must rock a pair of convertible gloves this winter - they're all the rave! What's the big deal over pop-top mittens you say! Well, for starters they look absolutely edgy. It's important for double digit divas to keep up with the current trends and stay a cut above the rest. We all know that society and the media have already laid out three strikes against bigger women; why not strike back by always looking and feeling your best. Secondly, they're useful. Mittens are cute but sometimes they inhibit you from doing certain task that requires using your fingers! Isn't it just a bore to remove your whole mitten so that you can scrounge through your Coach for loose change or dial numbers on your blackberry! It takes up to much time and not to mention, the inconvenience! It is much cooler to "pop the top" off your mittens and expose your very tactile fingers when needed.

Here are a few pop top mittens and convertible gloves I thought were just stunning! Mossimo for Target has flip-top mittens with a trendy whip stitch and single button. They're cute and they are under 10 bucks divas!

If your winter is frigid, you might want to try Isotoner Fingerless Hybrid gloves. These stylish hybrids combine the stretch of spandex and the warmth of fleece, to create a common union between comfort and functionality. They come in a variety of great color combinations but the best thing about them is, because of the spandex, one size literally fits all! Pair them with one of Isotoner's cable knit scarves and you'll have a look that is sure to please as well as keep you warm!

When budget becomes an issue, and believe me, it can happen to any Fashionista, Old Navy is a great source for trendy looks under 10 dollars! They have 100% acrylic striped convertible mittens fully equipped with a handy button loop that holds the flip-top in place when not in use. And of course they have the hat scarves and coats to match. You can't go wrong there!

When money is not an option and you want to sport accessories with a little more quality, try J.Crew! They're ribbed Merino Glittens are to die for! Glittens are a functional cross between a glove and a mitten. The supersoft and superwarm blend of wool and cashmere wraps your hands in heavenly bliss. The glittens are only available in black and gray. Frown, but sometimes Fashionista's must adjust their entire look to match their accessories. It's a sacrifice we are known to make. Don't forget- college students and teachers save an additional 15% off their entire purchase when you shop and show your school ID at Niagara Falls Fashion Outlets J.Crew store. Besides, the Fashion Outlets are always priced 75% less than suggested retail tags.

Have the itch to rock a hot name brand? Let Juicy Couture scratch it. Their angora wool blended pop-top mittens are gorgeous! And not to mention, they make you feel like a stunner! The "iconic" line is dazzled with the juicy couture gold tone button and scotty charm.

Whether you're frugal or a label chaser, one thing you can't be is lame. Get your hands in a pair of trendy pop-top mittens, with hat and scarf to match,  and strut your stuff all over the cat walk of life!

By the way, if your fond of struting your stuff, and i am sure you are, check out my article on trendy tall shaft boots!


  • Mercedes 5 years ago

    I think this is a wonderful blog! As a plus size women tryin to keep up with the fashions created for single digit women, I appreciate the helping hand. As all of us plus size girls know shopping can become a chore when you cannot find trendy fashions in your size.

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