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Hot travel destinations in 2014

Although the holiday break has just ended, and it saw many of you traveling during that time, it's never too early to start planning for your first (or fifth) getaway in 2014. To help you plan, WSJ Live asked Jeanenne Tornatore, Orbitz Senior Editor, to reveal what the hottest destinations are for 2014.

Of no great surprise, Tornatore names Brazil as the hottest destination in 2014. Not only do they have the FIFA World Cup in June, but their profile has been rising ever since they won the bid for the 2016 summer Olympics. It should see a huge influx of visitors over the next two years. Brazil has great weather, wonderful beaches and it is a fantastic place to explore. I'm definitely thinking of adding it to my travel resolution list!

U.S. ski resorts are also destined to see a bump this winter, according to Tornatore. The winter Olympics always generates a renewed interest in the featured sports. Plus, resorts like those in Aspen are often training grounds for the competing athletes, and that only adds to their allure.

If you are a looking for deals in 2014, Tornatore has a number of suggestions—one of which is Las Vegas. Las Vegas just saw the opening of a new hotel downtown—the first in 20 years. This surge in the supply of hotel rooms means rates will stay competitive all year. So, if you've always been curious about the legendary Las Vegas strip, this might be the best time to investigate.

Want to know about the other hot destinations that made her list? Be sure to watch her interview to get the scoop—at least one of which will be particularly inspiring to those of you braving the snowy winter weather.

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