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Hot Spring Must Haves!


Let's face it, we live in Atlanta, Georgia. Land of the beautiful bi-polar weather patterns.
It's 62 and sunny on Tuesday, wet, rainy and cold by Wednesday, snowing on Friday, and back to
sunny by Saturday. Given that, Atlanta's style mavens and fashionistas know to never completely stow away all of your summer and winter wear. It's always interchangeable, and it's (almost) always in season. So let's take a look at some of the best spring/winter items, that you can don fabulously all year!

For Women: J.Crew women's collection features great cardigans, in various lengths. The forever cardigan, is slim, adorned with cool buttons and two pockets, but is longer in length.This is great for a spring day with chinos and skinny jeans, or it can be layered with, say, a ruffled Club of Monaco blouse and a tissue tee for warmth in the winter.

For Men: Gap features the "Double layer" and the "Grandpa cardigan". (Secretly, I totally dig the title, It just feels grand.) These warm sweaters and cardigans, and made of cotton and wool blends. Which leave room for warmth, and for the spring cool breeze. Be sure to check these out soon, as they are currently on sale, and availability is limited. Also, FYI, GapCard members, get special perks this month through March. Take 15-25% off your entire purchase on select days, or days you choose, depending on your GapCard member status.

Footwear: For spring and winter interchangeable items are usually flats. With the fashion trends leaning towards, edgy, modern, and rugged. Riding and motorcycle boots finally have a place in the world again, besides the decade of the 80's. Yay! For men, women and children, all of the hautest boots are available now, in stock, in season, and most likely ON SALE. Great places to shop for men and women and children: Steve Madden, Nordstroms, Macy's, Nine West, Johnston and Murphy, Buster Brown, Ecco, Stride Rite. All stores are currently running sales and even clearance specials on these items.

Shop now. Shop defensively. Shop Uniquely.


  • Belle 5 years ago

    Pretty cool stuff. I have to check it out. I know the spring clothes are hitting the shelves and the winter clearances are almost gone. Thanks for the heads up.

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