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Hot spots for great chicken

Reasonably priced and local "definite do's" when your craving for chicken is calling:

Little Food Café – This local favorite is situated about five minutes from the Bayonne Bridge on the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and 10th Street in Bayonne. Wrapped up in a whole wheat wrap with fresh veggies or in a fresh baby spinach salad you will by far, find yourself with the best breast of grilled chicken!

Dorrian’s – Located on Washington Boulevard in the Newport Mall waterfront area of Jersey City, this highly friendly and traditionally Irish restaurant does as much justice to its grilled chicken as it does to its salmon and shrimp!

Johnny Rockets – An all-American class joint, Johnny Rockets, located on Washington and 2nd Streets in Hoboken, will propel you through tasty chicken favorites from their grilled chicken breast sandwich all the way through to their grilled chicken club salad! Their “song and dance” is pretty good too!

Not in the mood to eat out you say? Try out this easy to make chicken and artichoke dish!


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