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Hot sauce plant odors still saturate city: Sriracha hot sauce lawsuit spiced up

A hot sauce plant is supplying a pungent odor to the neighborhood around it, claims the folks that live there today. Now a lawsuit against the Sriracha plant is expressing just how much angst the aroma is causing the neighbors, according to ABC News on Jan. 31.

Hot sauce plant is not making a very good neighbor says lawsuit.

The Los Angeles suburb of Irwindale has had enough with the hot sauce’s bi-product of a strong aroma filling the air around the Huy Fong Foods manufacturing plant. There are certain operating conditions that the company has failed to comply with, including “not emitting foul odors."

This was already decided in court once, but now the plant appears to be back to the same process that emits an odor that neighbors complained about in the first place.

The attorney representing the city of Irwindale, Stephen Onstot, reports that the city will add a breach-of-contract claim into the nuisance suit that has already gone forward in the courts.

The city of Irwindale sued the hot sauce makers last year as complaints of asthma and health problems among the residents continued to rise. The attorney for the Sriracha plant does not have an objection to the city modifying their complaint.

A stop operations order has been issued by a judge for the plant to halt any process that causes the odor.

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