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Hot photos of Joakim Noah's model sister Yelena

The following is a bio and slideshow of hot photos of Yelena Noah, who is an actress and successful model and the younger sister of NBA star Joakim Noah.

Hot photos of Joakim Noah's model sister Yelena
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Hot photos of Joakim Noah's model sister Yelena
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

Yelena Noah and her brother Joakim have famous parents. Their father is Yannick Noah, a former tennis star who won the French Open in 1983, and who is a singing star in France today.

Their mother is Cecilia Rodhe, who was Miss Sweden in 1978, and who is a sculptor today. Yelena and Joakim Noah's grandfather, Zacharie Noah, played soccer professionally in France from 1956 to 1962.

Hot photos of Joakim Noah's model sister Yelena

Joakim Noah was born in New York City in 1985, and Yelena Noah was born one year later in 1986. Their mom and dad divorced after just three years of marriage. When Joakim and Yelena were little, they lived in France where their father is a celebrity.

In 1998, Cecilia Rodhe moved with her two kids to Brooklyn, New York, and Joakim and Yelena Noah mainly spent their teen years living and growing up in the New York City area. While Joakim went to the University of Florida and then the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, Yelena Noah was pursuing a modeling and acting career while living mainly in Brooklyn, New York.

Yelena Noah has modeled for such companies and designers as Next, Ford, L'Oreal, and Cartier. Yelena has also starred in commercials, including one in which she salsa danced with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, who had no idea she was Joakim Noah's little sister.

Yelena Noah has also starred in a few short movies and TV shows, and she has gained notoriety sitting court side at some of big brother Joakim Noah's NBA games, especially when the Chicago Bulls play in Brooklyn.

Hope you enjoy the hot photos of Yelena Noah. Watch for Yelena at some of Joakim Noah's games this year.