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Hot new trailer for the Elijah Wood/Sasha Grey thriller 'Open Windows'

Cinedigm has released their first theatrical trailer for Open Windows, a tense action thriller starring Elijah Wood as a geeky superfan obsessed with a movie actress played by Sasha Grey. The film was picked up at SXSW in March of this year and is now slated to hit theaters on November 7, with an early VOD release on October 2.

Open Windows one-sheet

Wood has become something of a regular fixture in dark, high-concept films of late. He played the titular killer in Maniac, a 2012 slasher that unfolds almost entirely from his pitiless first-person perspective, and was a concert musician in Grand Piano, where an unseen sniper threatens to kill him if he plays the wrong note.

Now, with this new film by writer-director Nacho Vigalondo, Wood adds an audaciously bizarre notch to his belt: a real-time kidnapping movie that unfolds in a single take — on his laptop.

In Open Windows, Wood plays Nick Chambers, a photo blogger who runs a celebrity website about Jill Goddard (Grey), a rising star and notorious tabloid regular. While staying at the same hotel as her press junket, Chambers supposedly wins an online contest where the prize is to have dinner with Goddard and meet her in the flesh.

But there is no such contest. Chambers is tricked into an elaborate cat-and-mouse game where an all-seeing hacker forces him to watch Goddard through an elaborate network of hidden and hijacked cameras, taking voyeurism to deadly new levels.

It's Hitchcock's Rear Window updated for the digital age, with a manipulative off-screen villain like the mysterious callers in Eagle Eye or Phone Booth. Why did the hacker choose Chambers? Can the hacker be outsmarted? What is his ultimate end game? Watch the trailer and find out this fall.

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