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Hot new clothing line from KC is a Kontrolled Substance!!!

Kontrolled Substance

It’s impossible to just glance at the inquisitive logo for the hot new clothing line Kontrolled Substance. Its name alone is intriguing but the logo, 2 fluid filled vials touching at the needle ends, is a clear attention grabber!

Kontrolled Substance
Kontrolled Substance

If the logo isn’t enough to get your attention, the hypnotic creativity of the intertwined K and S (standing for Kontrolled Substance) will have you searching the web to find out whether the gear is part of a standard clothing line or if it’s a part of a movement.

Catching up with Corvorggio Powell, Kyle and Matt Cobb designers and business partners for Kontrolled Substance [along with A.J. Rodriguez ]you’ll learn that it’s both!

In 2011, Corvorggio Powell lost his cousin but he vowed not to let their dream die. He started making t-shirts for Kontrolled Substance and people quickly took notice. It wasn’t long before brothers Matt and Kyle came into the picture and an extension to their brotherhood was made. Together they hashed out details, pushed a business plan and today have one of KC most promising urban lines.

The definition for term controlled substance is: a drug(s) that creates an addiction or dependency; This definition is the driving force behind the brand. Rather your drug or addition is to fashion, art, music or just being successful, Kontrolled Substance clothing line has created this with that concept in mind.

The clothing line consists of street-wear like baseball t-shirts, beanie hats, and sweatshirts for both men and women but be on the lookout for a lot more including their signature sock line driven by Matt Cobb of Kontrolled Substance. Matt is known in Kansas City for his creative trends and style but the sock line is a Kontrolled Substance for him! In our interview he wore heather gray dress socks with canary yellow trim and confessed that he owned many pairs of distinctively different and trendy dress socks.

In the interview these designers had very vivid and solid goals. Corvorggio Powell of Kontrolled Substance explained “Conformity is an issue around here. We run into people all the time who say they are thinking about starting a clothing line but their mindset seems to be… how can I make it look like what I’ve see already, instead of striving for originality and making it something no one has ever seen before.”

Kyle Cobb of Kontrolled Substance said “Fashion is self expression; It’s like being an artist; You take what you see in your head and paint a picture and the picture for us [Kontrolled Substance], is clothing.”

There are a lot of so-called clothing lines in Kansas City and when I do my research on a lot of them I find that they sell imperfect plain t shirts with screen print and predictable facing but KONTROLLED SUBSTANCE STOOD OUT! The clothing, the movement and the creativity behind their line screams high fashion urban wear. Visit their store at: , FaceBook and Instagram.