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Hot New Appliances for 2014

‘’What will they think of next?’’ Is a question even kitchen designers often ask. Here are just a few of the innovative new appliances slated for 2014.

What will they think of next? Have you ever wondered if you remembered to turn the oven off? Well, there's an app for that!
GE Appliances
With the Café’s hot water dispenser, consumers can be assured they are quickly getting an accurate temperature for their filtered water.
GE Appliances

Hot Water From Your Fridge

A nice hot cup of tea or instant latte certainly hits the spot during the cold winter months. The hottest new major appliance from GE, the GE Café™ French door refrigerator, not only dispenses ice cold filtered water in the door but it also dispenses piping hot filtered water that allows you to brew your favorite hot drinks at precise temperatures in minutes. The GE Café French door refrigerator is the first in the industry that can heat 10 ounces of water in minutes—ideal for things like hot drinks or instant soups, cereals and other foods. The dispenser lets you accurately choose the perfect temperature, from 90 to 185 degrees or you can select one of four pre-programmed settings which eliminates guesswork—150 degrees for cocoa, 170 for tea, 185 for soup, etc. In addition to hot water this refrigerator has the most advanced water filtration system in the industry.

GE Wall Oven App

Another hot new appliance is the new GE App Upgrade for their GE Profile wall ovens. With this mobile app upgrade allows you to control your connected wall oven from outside your home. Whether you are held up in traffic or wondering ''Did I leave the oven one?” you can control your ovens using an app on your mobile phone. You can preheat, set the timer, check your cooking status, receive timely notifications, and more from wherever you are. “For the first time GE can add features and new capabilities to your appliance after it’s installed in your home,” said Mike Beyerle, Connected Home product manager for GE Appliances. “Bells and whistles are great, but at GE we’re making smart appliances tied to our vision of purposeful innovation.”

How it works: To use the connected technology, owners of new GE Profile wall ovens (models PT9550, PK7500, PT9050 and PK7000) just need to download the GE Brillion™ mobile app and enable remote control. Thanks to the ability to preheat2 the oven from the grocery store or before leaving work, dinner is on the table faster. Additional updates to other new appliance categories are expected throughout 2014.

A Second Oven

Offering the power of 1800 watts with convection technology, nine cooking functions and a digital display, the latest KitchenAid® countertop oven offers cooks a convenient, compact cooking appliance that can take on virtually any culinary challenge. Similar to the brand’s high performing wall ovens and ranges, the new countertop ovens feature Even-Heat™ Technology for consistent heat throughout the baking cycle.

“Most cooks would agree that a high performance countertop oven capable of handling everything from baking a cake to roasting a chicken or producing a perfectly crisp pizza crust, is worthy of a place on the counter,” notes Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid.

Whether baking a hot appetizer for guests or testing out a new cake recipe, our latest models offer full-size oven capabilities right on the countertop. Selecting the Asado Roast function, named for a popular Argentinian cooking style, tells the oven to adjust from a high sear to a lower cooking temperature for superior roasting. When the Pizza Function is selected, crisping instead occurs at the end of the cooking cycle.

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