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Hot maple nut sundae

A hot maple nut ice cream sundae will make these kids very happy!
A hot maple nut ice cream sundae will make these kids very happy!

It’s hot, but it’s also time for a hot ice cream sundae. The contrast of freezing cold ice cream and hot, sticky maple, along with crunchy nuts, is perfect. Try it, using our local Turkey Hill or Greens ice creams. Make this delicious frozen dessert in minutes, and serve immediately on dessert plates.
Ingredients for the maple nut sundae on a waffle:

• Frozen waffle
• Vanilla ice cream
• Maple syrup
• Chopped nuts (walnuts, pecans, or peanuts)

1. Warm about ¼ cup of maple syrup per serving. Put in microwave safe container, and heat for 1 to 2 minutes.
2. Toast the waffle immediately before serving the dessert.
3. Scoop desired amount of vanilla ice cream on top of the waffle.
4. Pour ¼ cup of hot maple syrup on the vanilla ice cream and waffle. Sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the whole thing.


  • Roberta Baxter Eugene OR Dogs Ex 4 years ago

    Hot maple nut sundae sounds like a refreshing deligh for summer enjoyment.Thank you.

  • sharon watterson 4 years ago

    what a great treat — hot maple nut sundae with waffles, terrific

  • Winona Cooking Examiner 4 years ago

    A wonderful treat indeed.
    Winona Home and Living

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