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Hot makeup tips for spring

A natural look with radiant skin
A natural look with radiant skin

It's finally time to rid those winter blues. Pack up that heavy coat and break out the flip flops and sunscreen because spring is around the corner!  Spring is a time to do some relaxing. Whether you plans are on land or sea you want to look good. The beach babe look is always in season. No matter your coloring, with just a few simple tips that work for everyone your sure to be catching cute sailors in no time.

If your in the sun you always want to make sure to have SPF. Many face and lip makeups already have an SPF in them, but make sure to check before you purchase don't just assume. If you plan on wearing cover up mineral makeups work best in higher temperatures. Liquid foundation is more likely to enlarge pours do to percipitation of the skin. There's nothing worse than sweaty caked makeup. The best spring look is natural looking makeup with a bronzer applied lightly to the parts of the face where the sun hits, basically your t zone and the outer edges of the hairline. Highlighters are great for the sunshine too. If your darker completed you can skip the bronzer and just apply a highlighter. Highlighter look resilient on all skin and is placed along the same areas as you would apply your bronzer. Powered highlighters give a glow to the skin and liquid highlight give the face a dewy look that is very sexy.

When it come to your eyes choose a waterproof mascara and liner, no raccoon eyes here. For spring pinks, golds and browns fit the bill. Any of these colors on the eyes, lips or even a dust on the cheeks complement a natural look. Whatever style you choose for the spring the most important thing to remember is to take care of your skin when your out in the sun. Apply a sunscreen and drink lots of water to keep it looking its best.