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Hot looks for cold days

Willow Lane's A-line swing coat on clearance for $29.99.
Willow Lane's A-line swing coat on clearance for $29.99.

DKNYC Turtlemeck is 40% off at Bloomingdales.

Braving the low wind-chill factor may seem unbearable, but throw in a few basics and fun feminine accessories to reverse the winter blues, and you’re sure to look forward to cold days ahead.  Consider using these hot looks as they are, or use them as inspiration to warm up your winter wardrobe.

Hot look #1: Turtlenecks are practical, but can be a bit of a fashion snooze. There is nothing dull, however, about this sexy DKNYC turtleneck dubbed the “Cold Shoulder”. The ribbed material, long sleeves, hem, and cuffs, give the feel of a traditional turtleneck, but the demure exposed shoulder introduces elegance and sass. This piece comes in sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X.  It was originally priced at $109, but is on sale now for 40% off at Bloomingdales 

Hot look #2: According to scientists, ten percent of all body heat is loss through the head, so if you must go outdoors, it makes sense to wear a hat.  Wearing a hat, however, does not mean losing your sense of “savoir faire”, and Bloomingdale’s Aqua Studded Wool Beret can help you remain true to your personal style.  Priced at $48, this must-have for hat-wearers is a win.  Also available are matching gloves for $38.

Brommsly leather boots from the Naturalizer.

Hot look #3: In 2010, the more extravagant the footwear, the better, according to fashionistas nationwide.  For a contrasting classic, calm and comfortable style, however, the Naturalizer’s Brommsly leather boots are a good choice.  They are sold with an extra-wide shaft for divas with generous calves.  The boots are $148 and come in brown, black and bordo. Order them online from Zappos and enjoy free shipping.

Willow Lane A-line swing coat.

Hot look #4:

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Hot look #5: Whether you’re wearing them with your favorite dress or that killer skirt, a pair of stylish tights are sure to turn heads.  Foot Traffic’s Zurich Textured Tights are priced at $13 and come in plus-sizes. These beauties have scalloped waves from your waist to your toes and are sure to keep you warm...and cute.

Find photos of Foot Traffic's Textured Tights and Bloomingdales Studded Wool Beret in the slideshow below.


  • Charlene Collins - Atlanta Family Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Wow! These are some great fashions! I'd love to have some nice looking clothes that don't make me look frumpy. You have given me some great ideas. Thanks! I'm subscribing to you, so I can stay in touch with what looks good this year.

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