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Hot lemon water health and beauty trend: Experts weigh in

This little yellow fruit has many health and beauty benefits.
This little yellow fruit has many health and beauty benefits.
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Hot lemon water has many health and beauty benefits. The trend has gained the attention of nutritional experts who weighed in on the value of this basic, yet powerful elixir Friday according to "Good Morning America."

Drinking hot lemon water has become a staple of the Spa Examiner’s health and beauty regimen since it was reported on in this column back in March when the actresses from “Hot in Cleveland” had appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" to discuss their beauty secrets. Both Wendi Malick and Valerie Bertinelli explained warm lemon water in the morning is an on set staple for the cast mates and an ancient health remedy according to Dr. Oz.

Before brushing the teeth, drink a cup of hot or warm lemon water to start your day. Keeping a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemons with water helps with this morning ritual. It has been said to keep the intestines clear, help with hydration, improve digestion, assist with an overactive appetite and detoxify the liver, as well as reduce swelling. Other than the internal benefits of warm lemon water, the little yellow fruit also acts as a collagen booster and decreases the appearance of age spots and lightens under eye circles. Lemons are inexpensive, as is filtering water, making this a must-have health and beauty item.

The hot lemon water health and beauty trend is also reportedly used daily by supermodel Miranda Kerr, beauty expert Lauren Conrad, and TV personality Stacy Kiebler. According to GMA the little lemon potion has helped these celebrities lose weight, clear the skin and assisted their gorgeous bodies with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Health and wellness experts such as Keri Glassman, Melisse Gelula and Dana James have all concurred lemon water doesn’t hurt and there is “no reason not to” drink the mixture. Glassman, celebrity nutritionist and founder of Nutritious Life magazine, drinks lemon water in the morning and says it is a good way to get others to drink water, especially if they are fond of the fruit. They all agree it is one of the easiest and most affordable regimens to follow. A glass is also recommended after an indulgent meal to “clear the palette and settle the stomach” as the lemon water “increases detoxification and bile flow, which emulsifies and removes fat soluble toxins.”

All admit hot lemon water cannot hurt, unless of course it is too hot. The beverage is affordable and accessible and has enough health and beauty benefits that there really isn’t any reason not to consume a cup daily.

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