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Hot jobs in 2014: cosmetic laser technician

Fractional Laser Wrinkle Reduction
Fractional Laser Wrinkle Reduction
National Laser Institute

With the recession in full retreat, 2014 has become the year of hope and new opportunities for job seekers. For the first time in recent memory, Arizona residents are safely able to leave low wage jobs behind by launching themselves into new career fields. In increasing numbers, they are going from simply making ends meet to having a bank balance they can be proud of.

Before charging headfirst into a new career path, it is critical to ask three questions: Is it in demand? Does it have a quick transition from classroom to workplace? Does it have a history of being stable during times of economic struggle? In order to make's Hot Jobs of 2014 list, a career must be able to answer "yes" to each.

One job that easily made it into the top 10 is the role of cosmetic laser technician within the field of medical aesthetics. People in this position perform the high-tech procedures commonly found in doctors' offices and med spas such as laser hair removal, photofacials, fractional laser wrinkle reduction and other advanced anti-aging treatments. The medical and beauty fields are ones that have thrived in both recession and growth economies. By incorporating elements of both areas, cosmetic laser technicians have a more potent earning potential than most.

Unlike most medical professions, it does not require three degrees and eight years time invested to enter it. In fact, anyone, regardless of professional background, can enter the field after just two weeks of training at an accredited medical aesthetics training facility. This allows faster reentry into the workplace and more immediate income potential than nearly any other job on the list.

When choosing a school, always research the options. As with traditional colleges, some medical aesthetic schools are better equipped to help students succeed than others. National Laser Institute in Scottsdale is one such school that stands out. It is the longest-running specialized school of its kind in the state and has been instrumental in developing the industry into what it is today..

The school's standard two-week program consists of five days of classroom education followed by nine days of clinical, hands-on training in a fully functional retail medical spa setting. Students treat real spa visitors using the devices and treatment modalities they would encounter in the work place. For those wanting advanced specialization in a specific area of medical aesthetics, concentrated add-on day programs are available following the regular two-week course. New training sessions begin every month, allowing students the flexibility to plan their education around their unique schedules.

Beyond simply training students, National Laser Institute also spends considerable time developing relationships with employers across the country. This provides students ready access to potential job opportunities. Some students have even been known to get job offers prior to graduation. It is the industry-recognized quality of the certified education at National Laser Institute that gives its graduates this instant resume appeal. That alone speaks volumes to employers before they even meet.

For information on National Laser Institute's variety of programs customized for career changers, aesthetic professionals and medical professionals, visit their website or call (800) 982-6817.

Watch their recent appearance on Channel 3 News.

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