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Hot flashes and heart attacks

Why sweating it out in early menopause is a good thing.
Why sweating it out in early menopause is a good thing.

Until recent years, not much attention has been given to women and heart disease. Fortunately, we now know that heart attack symptoms manifest very differently in women than in men, but unfortunately, heart disease is a number one killer of women. Surprisingly, there is simple way for women to asses their level of heart attack risk.

American researchers found that women who have hot flashes and night sweats at the onset of menopause have a decreased risk of a heart attack, but women who get them during advanced menopause have an increased risk of poor heart health.

These findings were discovered during the Women's Health Initiative study on HRT. Women who had the night sweats and hot flashes early on had a ten to almost twenty percent lower risk of stroke and heart disease while women who developed those symptoms later on in menopause had a 30% increased risk for heart attacks and strokes.