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Hot fashion in downtown Nashville: Fire Finch Boutique

Front door to Fire Finch
Front door to Fire Finch

Susan Carter photo by Debbi Tannock

Tucked away, at the corner of Church Street and 3rd Avenue, is downtown Nashville’s hidden fashion secret. Filled with funky colors and trendy trinkets, Fire Finch, has found its niche.
Owner, Susan Carter, opened the quaint boutique in July 2009. When asked her favorite part of the store, Carter replied “the purses always get my attention”. Here she is pictured in front of rows and rows of gorgeous arm wear.
Upon entering the small yet fun filled store, you see everything from jewelry to cute colorful headbands. The eclectic mix reflects the logo for Fire Finch-‘Primitive Artifacts, Unique Acquisitions.’
Although the ground floor has tons of interesting items, it would be a good idea to saunter upstairs and ogle the open closet. Hanging racks are filled with unique dresses and blouses to die for. There are even changing areas so you can try on your favorite items and twirl for your friends. It’s a fashion show in the making!
If you need to shop for a gift, this is the go-to place for it! The buzz swirling locally is filled with kudu’s and praises. Prices are moderate and you won’t be disappointed. Located at 305 Church Street #102 (942-5271), with parking just steps away, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check this hidden treasure out!
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  • Kathryn Nashville Gospel Music/Ent. Examiner 5 years ago

    I did not know about this place! Sounds great - especially the moderate prices part!

  • Monroe Simmons 5 years ago

    Hey Mrs.Tannock you did a story on Micheal Jackson a few months ago with my family wanted to know if you if you call me about another story thanks 615 573 2450

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