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Hot Docs winner 'Waiting for August' opens in theaters Oct. 3

Filmmaker Teodora Ana Mihai's "Waiting for August" will open in theaters on October 3 in Los Angeles and October 10 in New York.

Still image from documentary Waiting for August
Rise and Shine

Mihai's film won the Best International Documentary prize at Hot Docs 2014 and was named the Best Documentary Film at the 2014 Karlovy Vary Film Festival this past June.

The film explores the lives of a generation of young people being raised by their teen siblings in Eastern Bloc countries such as Romania, while their parents are working in countries like Italy, Germany and other European countries sending money back home to their children called The Home Alone Generation.

In the award winning documentary, Mihai's camera follows Georgiana Halmac as she is just about to turn 15 in Bacau, Romania and has been left in charge of taking care of her 6 brothers and sisters living in a social housing apartment, as their mother was forced to leave the family behind and go to work in Turin, Italy. Mom won't be back til end of summer. Georgiana has been catapulted into the role of head of the family, responsible for her

The documentary unfolds over the course of one year with Georgiana caught between puberty and responsibility and improvising as she goes ahead.

Its cinema-verité style makes this story even more intimate and personal as this family survives and thrives under Georgiana's "parenting" with the threat of the neighbors wanting to expose the family to social services.

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