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Update: Remy Ma released from prison at 8am

Is she really out?
Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images for IMG

The newest information surrounding the release of rapper Remy Ma has been updated by Hip Hop publication Hip Hop Weekly via Twitter on Thursday July 31.


According to an official at Bedford Hills Correctional facility, Remy Ma was involved in an incident on July 21 that delayed her release.

[VIDEO] Remy Ma's release has been DELAYED. Other sources falsely reported she had been freed at 8am…

After serving a lengthy six years of an eight year sentence that rapper Remy Ma, real name Reminisce Smith-Mackie, was sentenced to serve back in 2007, Rap Radar reported on Thursday July 31 that as of 8am the rapper was released from the Bedford Hills Facility for women, in New York.

The former Terror Squad rapper was convicted in 2007 for the shooting of a woman, in the stomach outside of a Manhattan, New York nightclub. The woman who was shot, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, is a former friend of rapper Remy, who was shot twice in the stomach at the hands of Remy Ma, stemming from an argument of stolen money.

MTV news reports the rapper and Makeda Barnes-Joseph argued after leaving a mutual acquaintance’s birthday party. Remy Ma alleged Barnes-Joseph stole several thousand dollars from her purse that night; Barnes-Joseph was shot after the two struggled in her car. Remy Ma fled the scene in an SUV but crashed nearby. Neither the money nor the weapon have been found.

It was this incident that led to the wife of rapper Papoose being found guilty of two charges of assault that could have landed her in prison for 25 years. The charge of tampering and gang assault were later thrown out.

MTV reported a statement from Remy's attorney stating “The jury acquitted the second half of the indictment,” he said, referring to the tampering and intimidation charges . “That will help the appeal because that evidence, those charges, shouldn’t have been in the case to begin with. And there are other issues we think may turn the conviction around.”

Six years later, Hip Hop and Remy Ma fans and supporters have been on standby awaiting the news of her release. It was husband Papoose who announced during one of his live performances that his wife would be released in July.

“They locked my b*tch up for 6 years, but guess what? July she coming home,” Papoose announced to the cheering crowd. He then proceeded to lead them in a “Free Remy!” chant.

The fans on social media as well as other rappers have expressed their excitement for her return. Rapper Jadakiss took to Instagram to post "She coming" The Ruler's Back.

One can only sit back and wait for her first post prison release interview. And also to see what will happen next for the rapper musically.

In the mean time, reports of her release have not been confirmed by Remy herself or husband Papoose but "Where Hip Hop Lives," New York radio station Hot 97 has reported: "We were told her manager Nelson and hubby Papoose along with a bunch of other people in fancy cars were outside of the facility waiting for her release."

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