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Hot Cha Cha make Cincinnati debut


The popular Cleveland all girl indie rock band, Hotchacha will finally be coming to Cincinnati. The girls will be making their Queen City debut at Southgate House this Friday June 11, 2010 with We Are Hex and 1,000 Arms opening.

The best thing out of Cleveland since Great Lakes Brewing Co.
The Hotchacha

In a fashion accustomed to only the great rock bands, The Hot Cha Cha formed the group not under the idea they COULD play music but rather they SHOULD play music. Once Mandy Aramouni and Jovana Batkovic made the decision at the West Side Market in 2007 they brought Lisa on board to play drums. The girls consumed a lot of alcohol and jammed until they were ready to perform as a trio. Those early wild shows won over many fans while pissing off everyone else who got in their path.

One of those fans was Heather Gmucs who quickly fell in love with the phenomenon and joined the band the next day as their bassist. Now that Hot Cha Cha was complete the city of Cleveland has been under their siege since. The Hot Cha Cha continue to try and conquer as many people as possible with their mission to inspire, offend, and make you do things to yourself that I cannot mention here.

The only question that remains is -- are you man enough to endure their live show? Come find out this Friday night at the Southgate House.


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