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Hot car death victim Cooper Harris will be remembered by parks all over America

The hot car death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris out of Cobb County, Georgia, is one that has captivated the world. One of the most perplexing aspects of this case is the intense scrutiny that the parents of Cooper Harris have been under, since the tragic death of little Cooper. As Cooper's father Ross Harris sits in jail awaiting his fate on charges of felony murder and cruelty to a child in the second degree, his mother Leanna Harris has left the state to stay in Alabama, and likely to avoid the public eye. This has left the court of public opinion confused and enraged about why the parents of this child are not fighting stronger for justice for Cooper Harris, or fighting to preserve his memory. Instead it seems to the world that Ross Harris and Leanna Harris are more concerned about who is saying too much. Fox News reported out of Alabama this week on July 29 that there is one group of people who are stepping up to the plate to fight for the cherished memory of Cooper Harris. This group is raising monies they hope will result in parks all over North America that will honor little Cooper's memory.

While Justin Ross Harris sits in jail, Leanna Harris sits it out in Alabama hoping people stop talking about her, an online community is stepping up to the plate seeking Justice for Cooper Harris, Cobb County, Georgia, hot car death victim.
Harris via Facebook

Fox News is reporting that in addition to raising monies for parks all across North America in the honor of Cooper's memory, the group is also fighting for Cooper's Law. The Law would make it a felony to leave a child unattended in a car for any amount of time, for any reason, whether a hot car death results from that decision or not.

Breanna Medders is one of the founders of the online community fighting for Justice for Cooper Harris. She is hoping that the initial monies raised from the project will be enough to start with two parks in the United States, one in the original home town of the couple involved, and another in the state where Cooper died. The first two parks are slated for Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Cobb County, Georgia.

Breanna told Fox News what many parents around the continent have been feeling since this case garnered international attention.

"It just really hit close to heart because I have a daughter too that's around the same age. And I couldn't imagine forgetting her and losing her and having to live without her."

It is not just a page and a Facebook group called Cooper's Tree House Foundation that has been launched in Cooper's memory since the tragedy of Cooper's hot car death. In fact the group has planned out the parks, keeping in mind all of the things that Cooper liked, his favorite things, and even designated shade areas in the park to symbolize the lack of shade that Cooper had on the day that he died.

The park is scheduled to be called "Cooper's Tree House Park" and each park will need $250,000 monies raised.

"We want to have a tree house so that they can go in the tree house and play and have fun, and they will be in shade too where Cooper didn't have shade. And where they are not in the direct sun light, but they are still having fun."

The park designs will include multiple tree groves, and will include a large red fire truck for little Cooper. Just before 22-month-old Cooper Harris died, he had just learned the color red and this will be honored in Cooper's Tree House Park.

The group has established a Facebook page where people can follow the journey of Cooper's Tree House Park. A non-profit foundation called Cooper's Tree House Foundation is also being established. But these are not the only of this group, the group is also hoping to have a petition signed by August 6 to submit to the White House to submit what they hope will become "Cooper's Law."

Readers can sign the online petition for Cooper's Law which reads as follows,

"We petition the Obama Administration to: Make it illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle at anytime in all states.

Baby Cooper's Law

On June 18th 2014 Cooper Harris was left in the car to die. Cooper Harris died from hyperthermia, a condition in which the temperature of the body spikes due to the heat.

Too many children have died or almost died from being left unattended in a vehicle. Some states do not have a law in affected regarding leaving children in vehicles.

We hereby ask that Baby Cooper’s Law will make it illegal to leave a child in any vehicle at any time in all states. Currently only 19 states in the US have laws that specifically make it illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle."

Monies are being raised on a Go Fund Me Page where all monies will go to the Cooper's Tree House Foundation. Messages from donors have already been left, with inspiring messages such as, "This is for you baby Cooper" and many others. The mission from the site administrators is,

"On June 18, 2014, baby Cooper M. Harris was left in his father's car to endure the hot Georgia summer day. Baby Cooper was all alone, in a car that just kept getting hotter, with no way for him to get himself out, or even free himself from his car seat. Baby Cooper was in the car for about 7 hours, with no one to come to his aid or suffering.

Our intentions are to give baby Cooper the love that every child deserves. We didn't want his senseless death to be forgotten.
The Tree House symbolizes things that we wished baby Cooper had that day. With the growing trees for shade, playhouse for shelter and adventure, red fire truck to explore and play with imagination and other carefully selected playground equipment that baby Cooper would have loved to play on….We will never forget you baby Cooper."

It is an encouraging turn of events for those that have been watching with horror at the travesties that have played out between the key relationships in the center of this case. At the probable cause hearing July 3, it was revealed that Cooper's father was sexting as many as 6 women and maybe even more during the time that Cooper was left in that car with nobody to come to his aid or suffering. It has also been reported that Justin Ross Harris was allegedly sexting a minor that day as well.

But it is not just the actions of Ross Harris that have left the public that wants justice for Cooper Harris a little bit confused. At the same time, peculiar reactions from the mother of the child, Leanna Harris, has left America enraged. Many people in America have been deeply disturbed that the parents of this child have been more worried about who is saying too much, than fighting for justice for baby Cooper, and fighting to preserve the memory of this child.

Justin Ross Harris has been denied bond. At the time of press an extensive computer forensics investigation is being performed on most if not all of the technology Ross Harris had in his possession at the time of Cooper's death. Cooper's mother Leanna Harris has left the state, hired a death penalty certified attorney, and has asked the world to stop saying too much about her, her husband, and little Cooper Harris.

This online community is hoping to step up to the plate where others are not in order to keep the memory of 22-month-old Cooper Harris alive. They hope to do this by first establishing parks in the home states of the victim, and then hopefully all over Canada and the United States.

Do you think more laws are necessary to prevent future victims from hot car death?

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