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Hot beauty trends for 2010 and where to find them in Greensboro

who's wearing minx nails
who's wearing minx nails

A new year.  A new decade.  And a whole new wave of beauty services to consider.  Check out this list of what's 'in' and who in the Greensboro area can give you that look.

Long lashes.  Permanent false eyelashes are definitely the trend.  Eye lash extensions can be worn for subtle enhancement or for a dramatic flare.  A trained Extreme Eyelash Extension artist at Rum Z Salon off of HorsePenn Creek Rd can help you choose your new lash look and advise you on the care and maintenance of this investment.

Minx nails.  For nail art lovers and nail fashionistas, this is the newest craze.  Worn by fashion-forward nail divas like Pink, Victoria Beckham, and Christina Aguilera, minx is a great alternative to polish or airbrushed nail art.  Worn over natural nails, Minx is a flexible polymer, like a sticker, that is heated and applied to the nail.  The chromes and metallics are what's hot with Minx right now, as are custom colors and custom designs.  Minx is slowly making its way from the Cali to the east coast.  The only salon in Greensboro offering Minx is A Spa Creation.

Big hair.  And it doesn't have to be yours.  If you want long, sexy hair right now, check out Hair Additions by Debra.  She offers a stunning on-line portfolio that showcases clients sporting various kinds of hair extensions.  Debra's skills are as diverse as her clients.

Airbrush tans.  Forget the spray tan equivalent of the human car wash and opt for an airbrush tan over the Mystic booth.  Airbrush tans are applied by a technician with hand-held airbrush gun.  The gun is powered by a compressor to deliver an ultra fine mist that results in a smooth, even, streak free tan.  Airbrushing takes a little longer than the booth and may be a tad more expensive, but the quality of the application makes it well worth it.  Sherree's I Natural in Friendly Shopping Center and Amanda's Pink Nail on Battleground both offer airbrush tanning services.  The look in sunless tanning this year is a healthy golden glow. Hulk Hogan orange is so over.

Hot hair color and multi-tonal dimensions.  For 2010, the hype shades are deep browns, plums, and dark reds.  The look is bold and dramatic- think chunking or color-weaving with multiple colors.  Consider Jade Aveda for advice on a hot new do.  Corporate Aveda offers all of its salons and their stylists product education and training on the newest colors and techniques.