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Hot August Bike Night at Zorbas.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys tent.
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys tent.
Donald Kline

Zorbas Burgers located in the Highgrove area of Riverside hosts a bike night every Tuesday with on occasional special or themed bike nights such as Hawaiian, Cinco De Mayo and the one for tonight which is called Hot August Bike Night. Strangely the weather cooled off on this bike night. The previous Monday saw the temperatures pushing one hundred degrees this Tuesday is was around eighty five degrees and by the 7:00 p.m. start time for bike night it was starting to cool off quite a bit and clouds were coming in, I got a few drops on me on my ride down.
For vendors up front was the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys tent and table set up full of stickers, key chains and information. One could sign up for a chance to win a new Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. Russ Brown offers free breakdown and legal assistance all you have to do is sign up at the booth. The very friendly lady name Kitty was manning the table, she handles the planning of events for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.
Next to the Russ Brown was table from Cha Cha Cha Motorsports run by Terry Heard his race bike was front. You have probably seen photos of Terry and his bike in some of my previous articles. When he is doing track days and riding in the WERA series he is also working changing tires for customers. It is an interesting sight to so someone in leathers changing tires then rushing off to go some laps in. Cha Cha Cha Motorsports is a local favorite shop and is located very close to Zorbas Burgers.
Over in the lawn area between the parking lot and drive through lane were two ladies Kimberly Morrison and Gayle Corridan both Independent Designers for Origami Owl which is company that sells custom jewelry such as charms, bracelets, earrings, plates tags, dangles what they are really known form is their lockets which can be made with any number of special items that can be put inside.
Other activities going on was a Texas hold’em game, with a chance to win a helmet and other prizes there two games going on at different tables.
A few took part in the water balloon toss contest, I saw Vincent “Vince” Yu who runs the bike night outside tossing a few balloons with or more like at Lou Gutowski who is usually handling the DJ and Raffle prize duties.
Of course there was the usual bike night activities of having something to eat, Zorbas is known for its Pastrami Sandwiches and Burgers among its offerings. They also serve a pretty good breakfast. You don’t have to come to Bike Night to enjoy the food Zorbas is open all week long.
Bike Night runs from 7:00 p.m. to around 10:00 p.m.
Zorbas is located at 450 Iowa Avenue in Riverside just south of Center Street.
For information on Zorbas Bike Night:
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys:
Cha Cha Cha Motorsports:
Origami Owl:

Front entrance to Zorbas with bikes taking part in bike night.
Donald Kline.
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