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Hot apple cider at Hidden Valley Farm

You can get cinnamon sticks and mulling spice at Hidden Valley Farm too
P O'Beollain

Hidden Valley Farm on State Route 48 in Lebanon still has apple cider! Yes! In fact, Hidden Valley is having a special on their unpasteurized, preservative-free, fresh-pressed apple cider: $6.99 a gallon or 2 gallons for $12..Hidden Valley is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the months of January and February. The apple crop was quite generous this year, and Hidden Valley still has home grown apples, delicious ciders, their famous Thriller apples and baked goods. Hidden Valley also has hams, canned goods, Amish noodles, dried fruits, nuts, soup mixes, candies, coffees, and a variety of different mulling spices.

Hidden Valley grows a variety of fruits on their farm, including 38 varieties of apples. Some apples are picked right into November, and there are still several kinds of fresh homegrown apples for sale, including apples for baking, turning into preserves or just for snacking. Hidden Valley cider has no preservatives and is pressed every week. It has a ten day shelf life but it freezes excellently. Cider is delicious and warming when served hot, and if you like mulled cider, there are several kinds of mulling mixes available.

And how about those Thriller apples!! Hidden Valley’s legendary Thriller apples are huge apples (usually about 1.5 pounds) which are dipped in caramel, then dipped in chocolate, rolled in nuts and then drizzled with three more kinds of chocolate! You get the crisp juiciness of the apple, the smooth caramel, the sweet chocolate coatings and the crunchy nuts for a delicious combination of flavors and textures. Buckeye apples are dipped in caramel and then dipped in peanut butter-chocolate - wouldn't these be great treats at your Super Bowl party? Hidden Valley will even ship the apples to you!

Hidden Valley Fruit Farm has been around for over sixty years. The 70-acre farm still has the original barn which is over 150 years old (and now houses the bakery and store). Call them at 513-932-1869 with any questions or to place your Super Bowl party orders.



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