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Hot air balloon fire: Gruesome screams heard in balloon inferno as people jumped

A hot air balloon went up in flames after hitting a power line at a Virgina hot air balloon festival. Witnesses helplessly watched in horror as there was nothing they could do for the people who were surrounded by a ball of fire in the balloon's gondola high off the ground, according to ABC News Local on May 10.

Virgina hot air balloon fire and crash: 1 dead, 2 missing as balloon goes up in flames and passengers jump.
YouTube screen shot/ Fox News

It was horrifying to watch as the people inside the balloon's basket jumped to get away from the fire. As soon as the fire broke out the people could be heard screaming for help, but there was no way to get to them as the balloon continued to go up higher and higher, according to Fox News live on Saturday morning.

One body has been recovered and the search is on-going for the two others who are still missing. They other two people who were in the balloon are feared dead, as they jumped from a height that they most likely would not survive. The identity of the body found was not released and the names of the other two missing balloon passengers were also not revealed.

The debris field for the balloon has been located. This disaster scattered burnt pieces of the balloon over a large distance as the gondola eventually gave way from the burning balloon. The body that was recovered was found in a heavily wooded area before midnight on Saturday, authorities report, according to the today.

Witness Carrie Bradley said you could hear the gruesome screams of the people in the balloon. She said she heard people screaming "Please God somebody help us," but they were too far off the ground for anyone to do anything to help them.

The fire and crash happened during the kick-off event for the Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival near the Meadow Event Park. Other balloons had already landed when this balloon hit the power line and burst into flames during its landing approach.

While the balloon festival was supposed to last all weekend, it was canceled after this horrific accident. The organizers canceled all the events scheduled through the end of the festival, which was due to come to a close on Sunday.

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