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Answers for Pets Sweltering in Summer Heat

Dog Gone Sod Roof for FIDO
Dog Gone Sod Roof for FIDO
Photo by Stepa Federoff

When temperatures soar into the triple digits, what can you do for your pet to keep them cool and comfortable? Well, Nick Federoff and the creative staff at ThingsGreen have come up with an answer.

In this Saturday's show on KCAL (channel 9 local news), our favorite news anchor; SYLVIA LOPEZ will be IN THE GARDEN with Nick; our resident garden expert talking about pet safety when temperatures soar. They'll be showing off the original sod roofed doghouse made from warehouse pallets. With a special rooted SOD from our favorite SOD company, MARATHON SOD, we've come up with a great idea to keep your pet cool in this miserable heat, A SOD ROOF DOGHOUSE.

During the Saturday morning segment, Nick will show you how to install the sod roof and use this inventive self cooling doghouse to allow FIDO to kick back and relax in the nicely ventilated doggie room with a handy porch and double decked SOD ROOF. This doghouse is perfect for a small or medium sized dog. Plenty of room for your pet's water and food dish for those long lazy afternoons. Water the sod gently in the morning and cool, moist ventilation will comfort your pet all afternoon.

This ONE OF A KIND product is currently available for sale.

You'll need to come to our TV studio in Whittier to pick it up. We may even introduce you to our resident garden expert; Nick Federoff. He's got great programs on TV and radio. If you haven't heard of Nick, you'll be delighted to see his fun and inventive segments from THINGSGREEN.

Nick and his non-profit organization SEEUSONLINE.ORG, have been busy working on their TEACHABLE GARDENS program. He has plans to create gardens in schools all over the Southern California area. Although they have just begun the process of developing the curriculum and setting up the sales site, they are confident they'll have a great time teaching third grade students about SUSTAINABLE living and the basics of recycling.

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