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Hot 97's Cipha Sounds hosts 'Take It Personal' improv with 'The Wire' cast

With most TV shows, there are three or four main stars and the rest play the background. But on a show like HBO's "The Wire," sightings of any of the cast members is a win. (OK, OK, Idris Elba may get a different type of reception, but we're talking about for acting alone.)

Actor Julito McCullum attends Knight's Official Video Release Party at Taj Lounge on August 24, 2010 in New York City.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Deejay and host Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 surprised the crowd with three cast members from the show: Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, JD "Bodie" Williams and Julito "Namond Brice" McCullum. The cast exposed a couple of secrets and funny stories while the show was filming.

Five highlights from the casts' behind-the-scenes stories include:

1. McCullum took major pride in not dying during Season 4 and would flip through the scripts to see if he made it to the end of each one.

2. Williams woke up naked and wondering what happened after he lost a drinking contest with Elba.

3. Michael "Omar" K. Williams had no idea whether Snoop was a man or a woman, but he at least knew she was attractive.

4. The cast's tutor was fired.

5. A car dealer was so dazzled by seeing one of "The Wire" cast members, who was underaged, but still gave him keys to a car. The car ended up getting wrecked. Pretty sure that car dealer was job searching right along with the tutor.

(Did you know? Showtimes fans may notice that Ben Schwartz (Clyde Oberholt from "House of Lies") plays the part of the car dealer's boss.)

Check out the video above to see more stories, and watch how improv cast members reeanacted their stories.

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