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HOT 2013 Christmas Sensory Toy List - Check Your List Twice to Avoid Meltdowns

Yes, it really is time to think of Christmas 2013! Unwrapping a great gift that suddenly flashes in your son's or daughter's eyes can be the beginning of a horrible day. These toys make the HOT toy list for 2013 and are available locally. However, make sure they have the sensory component your child craves. Even more importantly check for the stimulant they DO NOT want!

Big Hug Elmo

Developmental age: Toddler. Is not a plush toy. There is a battery pack which can be felt through the fabric. Your child may be one that pulls on thread until discovering whats inside. If so, avoid this one as he will want to know all about that hard box in Elmo. Speaking of batteries, Elmo does require 4 AA batteries.

Toys R Us states Big Hug Elmo has 50 animated sounds and phrases. Three songs, four imagination activities. Elmo has a "sleep/off/play" switch to utilize during nap time. "Sleep" does not turn Elmo off immediately, instead he: "will get tired, sing a lullaby, then enter "sleep" mode." Could be a good transition to bed toy.

Xbox One

Have a single point of access for games, movies and music. Though a little pricy for a single item, the Xbox One means kiddo only has to learn one gadget to get his entertainment. Creating a bit of independence for her, adds time to your day.

Doc McStuffins Veterinarian Center

Fabulous toy for kids who love animals. Doc McStuffins is durable plastic and vibrant colors. Toys R Us offers 14 bonus pieces for a total of 27 small pieces make up the set, so be aware in case of mouthing or organizational concerns. Imagine having a 2-inch "favorite piece" go missing.

Watch Out for Hexbug Nano:

Not making the official list but well worth watching: Hexbug Nano V2. Watch the video and see how cool this toy is.

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