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Hosting your first seminar? Know how you can save and earn some money

For an Internet marketer, hosting seminars remains one of the best ways- not only to share knowledge but also to boost his/her earnings. However, if you are one of those starting out in this regard, then you should think in a more realistic manner. Don't expect a huge turnout and eke out ways of saving up some money as well.

Why Shouldn't You Be Entertaining High Hopes In the Beginning?

There are so many of them out there who essentially suffer from disillusionment after conducting their first seminar itself. However, it is not the way to go like this. If you have a small client list at present, its absolutely okay if there is a low turnout.

There is no reason to feel “small” just because you're turning up with a relatively small event. If you have list of say, a thousand invitees or potential guests then even a turnout of 40-45 people should not be regarded as paltry as well.

There is No Reason to Fret!

Don't worry. Chill. The figures, will actually aid you in developing more realistic goals. Next time aim for more practical aims. Workshops or seminars serve as the primary mode of education for adults who are not a part of the formal education system.

They are considered to be immensely helpful in terms of knowledge sharing as information is provided in precise and easy-to-grasp format. If you are responsible for helping in this regard, sooner or later you are bound to find more takers for future seminars.

How Can You Aim For Saving More Money with Seminars?

Try and eke out every possible way of lessening your chances of losing money. For instance, if you have booked a hotel for conducting this seminar then pay only for the meeting place but don't keep the sleeping space occupied. As someone just conducting the seminar for the first time, you would not really want to hire a big event planner as that would mean a huge drain of monetary resources.

Make sure that your in-house team is taking care of the responsibility with due sincerity. If possible, try and rope in friends, family members and other acquaintances for helping you. This would help you to save up substantially.

Try to earn some money by selling your notes or books, tapes computer disks or videos of the seminar or workshop conducted by you.


Before, it should be remembered that the main purpose behind conducting a seminar should be knowledge sharing and not saving money. Make sure that you are conducting due research on ways of hosting good and valuable seminars. Other things like making money from them, generating awareness etc will automatically fall in place.

It's very important to be followed by the right intentions. Generating funds from workshops or seminars will not be possible if you are not able to offer an useful product. So be guided accordingly. Best wishes for your present and future endeavors.

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