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Hosting a Halloween party to reach out to neighbors

Following Christ does not mean much if befriending and reaching out to others isn’t involved, yet meeting new people can be uncomfortable and awkward; Halloween is approaching, and hosting a masquerade themed Halloween party is a great way to break the ice.

The first step is making sure the word gets out about the party. If enough time is allotted, make invitations. One way to incorporate the theme would be to paste a print out of the time and date of the party onto a small plastic mask (these can be found at any party or card outlet.) If no time is allotted to make invites, just knock door to door and let people know, also make sure to inform those invited that it is a costume party and masks are to be worn.

Another facet of entertaining is food. Think of ideas for related snacks and desserts. Food network has a great arsenal of Halloween snack ideas

After the guests arrive try to have some sort of structured entertainment. Games are a great way to relax and have fun and get people to feel comfortable. However, there is nothing wrong with simply having casual socialization. Also think of music to play in the background to set the atmosphere.

The best part about having a masquerade is the costume. Costumes for the masquerade don’t need to expensive. Use already owned clothing items to achieve a costume with a few accessories. An idea for a women’s masquerade costume is a peacock themed outfit. Find a mask and attach peacock feathers to the mask. Get dark blue or black tights to wear under a black dress and attach peacock feathers to collar or sleeves on the dress. Make-up can even enhance the costume by decorating the eyes with green and blue and gold eye shadows. Get creative and have fun with this!


  • Nina Coppola 5 years ago

    Great idea! Sounds like a good time for conversation.