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'Hostages' big season finale: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Dylan McDermott
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Tonight is a big two hour season finale of "Hostages." On Jan. 6, AV Club shared about this series and the two hour finale that is on tonight. Are you looking forward to seeing how it all comes to an end?

This show started out as a mini-series and it looks like tonight will be the end of it all. They will have a two hour finale that will tie it all up in a nice little bow. It is the end of season one, but as of right now there is no plan for a season two and there never was a plan for it.

Considering that this show didn't do very well with viewers it would be shocking if they decided to bring it back again. You can assume that "Hostages" is over after tonight, but don't miss the two hour finale. Ellen will finally be operating on the President tonight and you will see how it all ends.

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