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Hostage swap not about Bergdahl, it's about Congress

Bowe Bergdahl was a private first class when he was captured by the Taliban or walked into their hands. Which was it? While critics including some of his fellow soldiers say that he was AWOL, other’s say that he was taken forcibly. The circumstances will be sorted out in a thorough investigation. In the meantime, Bowe has lost his automatic promotion to sergeant. His rank was confusing, at first, because it is hard to imagine an NCO going AWOL.

Senators and Members of the House are responsible for Afghanistan War
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The matter of swapping Taliban captives, specifically the top five leaders from Gitmo for Private First Class Bergdahl is definitely worth questioning. The way that the story now appears is that the Taliban had threatened to dispose of Bergdahl unless there was a trade. They apparently gave the Obama administration no wiggle room. The deal had to go down swiftly and without advance publicity in order to spare his life.

A congressional investigation is needed to verify the facts supporting The White House version of the story. Missing in action in all of this discussion is Secretary of State John Kerry. Maybe events transpired so swiftly that only The White House and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the NSA were in the loop.

Another aspect of the story is that The White House had this scenario in place for months, and that it had previously informed Congress of its plans. So, fortuitously, when the Taliban popped the question, The White House was ready to act. Does that sound believable or just suspicious?

More investigation is needed to resolve all of the questions in this matter.

In the end, Americans fought a war in Afghanistan that has resulted in a marginally improved situation with Karzai leading a government that is better than the Taliban regime. However, with the Taliban leaders once again in play, and with the Taliban numbers gaining in strength, one must question if the outcome is better.

More investigation and evaluation is needed.

At last, Americans fought another war that we could not afford, squandered resources, and failed to achieve a high return on cost. The one entity that was there continuously through these 13 years is Congress and many incumbents. They have failed Americans on all counts, and no investigation is needed to conclude that.

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