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Hospitality & Food Service, Scholarships & President Commission

Hospitality and FoodService
Hospitality and FoodService
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Many years there was no food service or certification for large hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. to get a professional job. Now days there are colleges that give Associate and home Economics degrees. Many years ago teachers with home economic degrees taught the students in middle school the basic fundamentals in cooking and sewing. You do need to have a certificate to work in an upper class eatery, or hospital, etc. If you want to go to school on a scholarship, you can apply at one of the facilities listed below.

-Hospitality Administration Educational Foundation of National

Restaurant Association (there are regular meetings of Restaurants Ass.)

250 S. Wacker Drive Suite 1400

Chicago, IL 60606-5834

(312) 715 - 1010

- Institute of Food Technologist - Junior & Senior Scholarship

Chicago, IL 60601


-National Institute for the Foodservice Industry

20 N. Wacker Drive #2620

Chicago, IL 60606

-General Scholarship

American College Scholarship Selection

Committee American Education Service

419 Lenz Court

Lansing Court

Lansing, MI 48917

Best Products Scholarship

PO Box 297

St. Peter, MN 56082

-Business & Professional Women's Foundation

2012 Massachusetts Avenue

Washington, DC 20036


-Director, Placement/College Relations

General Motors Building

3044 W. Groud

Detroit, MI 48202 - (This is a full scholarship)

-Educational Assistance Ltd.

520 N. Michigan Avenue #301

Chicago, IL 60611

-Johnson & Johnson Leadership Awards

1 Johnson & Johnson Plaza

New Brunswick, NJ 08905

(210) 524- 0400

-President's Commission

White House Fellowship Program

Washington, DC 20500

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