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Hospital record sharing invites further NSA snooping

Are your electronic medical records secure under Obamacare?
Are your electronic medical records secure under Obamacare?

Augusta’s University Hospital Website MyChart, is supposed to be a secure portal in which patients, doctors, and other hospitals can use to collaborate and access electronic medical records on desktop or laptop PCs. Along with the MyChart app, patients can perform the same tasks on mobile devices. This would allow quicker turn-around time for things such as appointment verification, procedure scheduling, and doctor-patient feedback.

On the surface, the Website and app seem innocuous enough. And it is a sure bet that the creators of the portal never intended its misuse by prying eyes. However, as dark events have consumed the Obama administration, it’s not hard to imagine the nefarious reasons that the National Security Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services will dream-up in order to acquire even more of your personal information. To sure-up their data mining scheme in 2014 is paramount and new sharing technology of patient records will make it easier; especially now since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is almost complete.

The MyChart web portal is a hospital-customized piece of electronic medical records (EMR) sharing software available from Epic Software. At this time, Epic Software supplies almost 300 hospitals nationwide with EMR software. That’s 300 potential points of access for the government’s extra-constitutional activities. University Hospital of Augusta is one of those points.

Still, it stands to reason that we should be moving toward this “receive information immediately” world in which all relative data, be it personal or public, is accessible without delay 24/7. So technology advances to provide those means. Epic Software and Websites such as MyChart do provide this convenience. Invariably, growth in on-the-fly information sharing makes sense.

However, those elements which seek to undermine the good of this technology for devious reasons, under the guise of national security, abound. They are collecting as much personal data as possible to further intrude on individual freedoms. Why?

They are the people who are in power and they wish to keep this power centralized and concentrated. To further their control over the majority seems to be the motivating factor. Perhaps, they are truly power-mad; although, it could be as demented as self-enrichment by means of obliteration of liberty.

To add more insult, the agencies who are in charge of checking such egregious behavior, the media, are seemingly complacent with keeping the citizenry dumbed-down in order for the government to achieve their Machiavellian plans.

What would make you believe any differently?

  • The NSA, IRS, and HHS have proven track records under Obama to do just the type of data mining the APB Examiner suggests.
  • Technology, as innocent as it may seem, is always prone to hacking by individuals with evil intentions.
  • The mandate for hospitals to electronically format and make available every patient record originates from Obamacare.
  • The media have become willing lapdogs for every cover-up that the Obama Whitehouse perp-walks for the public.

Let's face it. The trust factor just isn't there anymore. The time to wake up is now! If you are a rationally thinking person, truly you can discern between good and evil.

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