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Hospital patient, 96, sent home by cab in slippers, no coat, no call to family

Olga Campo (l) and her mother Michelina Ialenti Campo (r)
Olga Campo (l) and her mother Michelina Ialenti Campo (r)
Campo family

A Ville Émard woman is accusing the Verdun General Hospital of negligence after an incident late last month that resulted in her 96-year-old mother being sent home in the cold in her slippers, street clothes and no coat without advising the family.

Imagine Olga Campo's surprise when she went to the hospital room January 25 where her mother, Michelina Ialenti Campo, was supposed to be only to see someone else there, then told that her mom was released the night before at 10 o'clock. Ialenti Campo had been admitted two days earlier because of concerns about swollenness in her legs.

"I said, 'Ok, where is she?' 'Well, she's home.' I said, 'She can't be home, because she lives with me. Where is she?!' " Campo said.

Campo claims some of the staff were dismissive.

"They don't care. It's a big joke. I was so mad, so furious, I wanted to jump over that counter and slap her one," Campo said.

"How would you feel knowing they don't know where your mother is?"

Campo said the staff eventually found out Campo's mother was sent back to the Verdun therapy center where she was staying temporarily, sent there in a taxi in nothing but slippers, street clothes and a light blanket. Campo said her mother was upset and trembling when she finally found her at the center.

"(I'm) very upset, and here we are trying to keep her (at home) as much as we can, thinking she's in good hands at the hospital and in a fraction of a second, they could have made her have a heart attack. What is this?" Campo said in a frustrated voice.

Campo said if she had a choice, she wouldn't go back to the hospital.

"She's afraid to go back. She has to go back for her cardiogram but you could be sure one of us, all of us are going to be there."

Campo has filed a complaint. Hospital spokeswoman Monique Guay said that an internal investigation is underway. Campo said she doesn't think a suspension, a dismissal or even an apology would help.

"I just want for me, for everybody else and for the elderly that go through the same thing I am going through, I just want somebody to fix something, to have a better system," Campo said.

"That would help more than an apology."

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