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Hospital consortium with local members identifies cost cutting moves

AllSpire, a hospital consortium, formed to create the most efficient and cost effective healthcare network due to the Affordable Care Act. This collaboration of effort is between seven members, including two local groups-- the Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) and the Reading Health System.

AllSpire was formed on September 19, 2013, after each member invested $1 million each, decide to vote on any measures suggested, and are not required to implement them. The consortium has identified four cost cutting moves for its members, which operate over 30 hospitals, to put in place, if they so desire.

The first initiative involves technology; 5 of the 7 members use Epic software for electronic medical record storage, and AllSpire is recommending those 5 members integrate their platforms. While not sharing medical records, using the same software and technology can mean a cost reduction among those members.

The remaining measures involve total consolidation efforts. Using one company to manage the entire groups employee benefits, doing the same with purchasing and vendor services, and all members outsourcing and using the same regional laboratories.

The group's initial recommendations involve consolidating to get cheaper group rates; the next round of measures suggested by AllSpire will involve care management moves.

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