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Hospice home needed for cancer-stricken shepherd following owner's death

Hospice foster needed
Hospice foster needed
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Employees at an animal shelter in Auburn, Wash., are hoping to find a hospice foster home for a mature German shepherd who wound up in their care following the dog owner's death.

The dog, named "Sadie," is a volunteer favorite at the Auburn Valley Humane Society because of her sweet, loving temperament. Unfortunately, the beautiful dog has veterinary issues which make the likelihood of her being adopted, slim.

The following veterinary information about Sadie was provided by the shelter:

I'm sad to say that she has been diagnosed with a mammary sarcoma. It looks like the vet removed most of it, but she explained that it has a high mitotic index (reproduction rate) and likelihood of metastasis through the blood.

She also was previously diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. The vet was originally able to manage it with low dose prednisone and Purina HA (hypoallergenic) food.

With the variety of volunteers we have interacting with dogs, it’s nearly impossible to keep her diet strict and increased doses of prednisone don’t seem to help… it’s really the diet.

And these words were written about her temperament:

Sadie is wonderfully affectionate with people, she would be ok with other large dogs as long as she could be the “top dog”. She is better with male dogs. She does not do well with cats.

A special home is needed for Sadie...a home without small cats or dogs and a compassionate foster who is willing and able to give Sadie the love and attention that she needs for what remains of her life.

Anyone who can help Sadie, or who has additional questions, is asked to email Lori at

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