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Horton Plaza Park grounds open work

Plaza and amphiatheater grounds at Horton Plaza. Friday, JUne 13.
Plaza and amphiatheater grounds at Horton Plaza. Friday, JUne 13.
Adam Benjamin

Workers at the Horton Plaza civic park and plaza worksite cleared out old grass and plants at the park grounds on the north lot. The San Diego community park trees stand in their old lines, on both sides of the centerpiece fountain.

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Dirt covers Civic Park work lot at Horton Plaza.

Park visits will stay on standby.

Uncovering the park grounds ended an early step in the park revitalization work. Planting the new park layers will modernize the park for the future.

Open grounds on the civic plaza lot, made solid during the past months of work, fill out a bottom on the theater space workers will build between Citibank, on the west border, and the Horton Plaza shopping stores on the south. Wood, and stone, at the northeast corner, still boxes the amphitheater dirt pit.

The valuable Horton Plaza estate will keep workers productive building the modern classic civic plaza, and a new growth park, this Summer. Civic life downtown goes on without the landmark San Diego location.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer will make the half-year mark, leading the city, while his top project location stays topped off with dirt. The graded land stayed largely empty in mid-June. Only a small set of places on the lot border had construction materials stacked.

Work refining the popular downtown meeting place keeps San Diegans who love to relax and play off the Horton Plaza lots.

The flat grounds, and the pit, enter the Summer season counted out of locals outdoor plans. Downtown crowds enjoy the shopping at the Horton Plaza location blocked off from the busy 4th Avenue and Broadway by the green construction fence.

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