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Horton civic plaza foundation levelled out

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Last week, the civic plaza and park building team had a smooth dirt covered foundation at Horton Plaza to build San Diego's open air plaza and amphitheater. Off Fourth Avenue.

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Demolished pieces of the Robinsons-May building, last year a sign the city's past that ended in a recession had exhausted its life, had been cleared out. The grounds on the Broadway corner left an empty work deck.

The political excitement that filled Fourth Avenue before and after the Wednesday the 15th State of the City Address held at the Balboa Theater, that towers above the lot corner on the avenue, halted the 2014 times the urge to stop, and take a look at the "world-class" project, and go on, took over the streets. The grand building work again amazes downtown's workers and the mall's shoppers.

Team builders are not in a hurry to build the renovated park along Broadway that stays empty of landscape.

Wide open areas in the plaza need fresh stone. A corner wall head stood on the amphitheater top faces the plaza front at the Citibank building back, amidst the excavated grounds on top and reminders of the city's past still standing along the familiar Fourth Avenue sidewalk.

Downtown's busy San Diegans look ahead to the months the heavy block building work again makes the corner lot a field of work that will stand the test of time.

This is A Passage for the Times.